The conviction maintained since the origin of our history, that our organic wines are pure, without alterations or contaminations, has been verified after an innocuity test that we have carried out. This result renews confidence in the way we live our work and is also the lever that gives it a new boost.

The test has revealed that the wines from Bodega Negón do not contain ochratoxin A (OTA), a mycotoxin whose consumption can cause health problems. This substance is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in the secondary metabolism of some genera of  fungi that are present in grapes.


This finding, together with the absence in our vineyards of any toxicity due to pesticide residues, reaffirms the conviction that Bodega Negón’s philosophy and way of life, respect for the natural cycle of the vine, care of the terroir and craftsmanship in the production and ageing of wine, imprints on our products a double seal of quality and food safety.

As we pointed out, the appearance of ochratoxin A in wine is a consequence of the entry into the grapes of certain fungi, Aspergillus carbonarius and to a lesser extent, Aspergillus niger, through wounds in the berries and fissures in the skins. If any of them infects the grapes, it is possible for ochratoxin A to form in the must and survive during fermentation, eventually contaminating the wine.

There are numerous studies on the toxicity of ochratoxin A (OTA), showing that it can inhibit or alter kidney functions, the immune system and possibly the functioning of the nervous system. It can also produce malformations in the embryo or fetus due to its teratogenic properties.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified OTA in category 2B, that is to say, as a possible human carcinogen. OTA is also associated with endemicephropathy in the Balkans, where foods with high concentrations of this substance are consumed.

For these reasons, international legislation has established limits for maximum OTA levels in wine. For Europe, Commission Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006 setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs sets a limit of 2.0 µg/kg ochratoxin A in wine.

On the other hand, both the OVI (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and the Codex Alimentarius published a code of good practices for the prevention and reduction of OTA in products derived from the vineyard.

These codes indicate preventive actions, essentially in the vineyard, related to the implantation of the vines, the choice of plant material, cultivation techniques and phytosanitary protection, and also interventions in the harvest. The measures in the winery, although also aimed at ensuring that the wine is healthy, are only palliative or strictly corrective.

It is precisely the biodynamic philosophy applied to the cultivation of the vine and winemaking, which we live in Bodega Negón, that drives these good practices. Who says that this work philosophy is at odds with obtaining a healthy and high quality product?

Today Víctor Negro has taken over to continue making the family’s dream come true. He explained this in an interview for the magazine Castilla y León Económica: “From this philosophy we have made our way of life, obtaining as a result exclusive wines, of authentic terroir, a reflection of what nature does when it is harmoniously coexisted with it. Vineyards without synthetic chemicals, wines made with yeasts and autochthonous bacteria, a faithful reflection of the singularity of the varietals of vineyards that our ancestors planted, a legacy that we should not and do not want to lose”.

Consumer awareness of health issues, of responsible and sustainable consumption has been growing in recent years. Wine lovers find in our premium brands 1,618 Razón Aurea, Kairyo, Negón and Dharma de Negón, the result of more than three decades of work with a philosophy of respect and understanding of the functioning of the vineyards and the environment, the land and nature.

At Bodega Negón we are delighted that, whoever tastes our wines, will perceive in all senses the quality of the wine they show, also shown in its healthy benefits, as well as in the guarantee of origin and the singularity of its history and tradition. We are happy to offer the pleasure of savouring a wine with soul.