We not only apply biodynamic principles to the production of Negón wines, but are also consistent with this philosophy in our way of understanding life. Energies, stars, nature, human beings are part of a harmonious whole that is continually interacting.



Vineyards that are part of our history and are the result of the legacy of generations. A land that we care for and pamper day after day, to extract its full potential, quality and expression.



The taste of our homeland, the native varieties of Ribera del Duero. The taste of craftsmen hands, passionate and lover of nature, plants and wines. Current processing techniques at the service of man, to make wines with the taste of yesteryear.

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  • Synonym of «SOUL», the energies of nature and man come together to create wines with «SOUL».
  • ECOLOGY and BIODYNAMICS are not a means, but a lifestyle.
    We respect nature and the environment in our DAY TO DAY.
  • The oenologist is just an ALCHEMIST, since good wine «ITSELF», is created from a grape in its PUREST STATE.


Victor Negro González

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The inception of our project dates back to 1986, when we began to produce the first buckets of wine for family consumption in the UNDERGROUND CELLAR located in the pine grove of Fuentecén (Burgos). Here, the typical clarets were produced by spontaneous fermentations, which improved every year with the experience acquired.


BYODINAMIC WINES production is our main project but not the only one, since we have gone for the rehabilitation of old vineyards, through a restoration process of the historical heritage, being outstanding the restoration of a winepress and an underground wine cellar located in the emblematic landscape of the pine grove of Fuentecén and dating from the early nineteenth century.

-- Our dream is to WORK WITH AND ENJOY the varieties which have always grown in our land --

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"BIODYNAMICS allows for the plant to live in a PURE
completely NATURAL, environment, creating, their own balances, completely banishing the use of chemical pesticides that alter the entire ECOSYSTEM".


The vineyard acquires an unusual ability to create nuances of taste conditioned by the uniqueness of the place, the terroir, climate and ultimately by the natural care received. The influence of the energies around us is undeniable, continuously determining our behavior, mood, and ultimately our lives and likewise, plants and wines are conditioned.

Through these biodynamic techniques, what we seek is to respect these energies, studying their influence on plants and eventually use them to achieve the maximum expression of the grapes in their natural state.

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Our Vineyard -El Almendro-, thanks to its privileged location and soil and climate conditions, was planted 15 years ago in this land, in order to get high polyphenolic content grapes and the distinctive aromas of this land. These values are enhanced, on the other hand, by the natural care of biodynamic viticulture, exalting the intrinsic values of Mother Nature.
In this same field of pebbly, sandy soil, of extreme conditions, a new vineyard was planted from selected clones from old vineyards of Tinta Fina, which receives the same natural care.


“OLD” Vineyard

The old vineyards of Bodega Negón consist of vines of approximately 80 to100 years, of different varieties that have been recovered after the globalization of the sector, seeking to restore the typical characteristics of the wines of the area. Its bush vine shape and high root development, allows these vines to more easily adapt to extreme weather conditions and in turn provide greater minerality, which is obtained from the deeper layers of the earth.
With these vineyards, we seek low performance levels but of a high polyphenolic and aromatic quality, which added to the natural yeasts present in the plant itself, confering wines of Negón virtuous and unique nuances.


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About Seperator shadow

Would you like to spend an enjoyable day in the countryside, in a FAMILIAR AND FRIENDLYatmosphere?. It is Negón’s pleasure to invite you to LEARN, EXPERIENCE AND FEEL first hand, our oenological project and ultimately our lifestyle. Visit our cellar and our vineyards accompanied by the family oenologist, who will guide and tell you with enthusiasm and passion, how our wines are produced using biodynamic methods. After the visit you can taste our wines pairing it with food (on request) in our picnic place, located at the pine grove of Fuentecén. Here is our proposal:

100% NEGÓN

A complete experience, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Reception and welcome in our micro winery in Fuentecén.
  • Rosé tasting at the viewpoint of Haza, 6 km from Fuentecén, with spectacular views over the valleys of the Riaza and Duero.
  • Visit our vineyards El Pino and El Almendro, with an explanation by Victor on how to care for vineyards through biodynamic techniques.
  • Visit to the underground cellar located at Pinar de Fuentecén and subsequent paired tasting in our new picnic area.
  • After lunch if the will and strength have not abandoned us, we will briefly visit the old Winery, whose restoration project we hope will come true a near future. A complete experience, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.


Tell us what you want to do and we will send you a proposal to your liking. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligations. A complete experience, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Wine tasting commented by the oenologist Victor.
  • Guided tour of our winery, vineyards and environment.
  • Tasting paired with local products.
  • Motor bike route around the Ribera del Duero with subsequent wine tasting.




If you want to order or have any questions concerning our products and services, you can fill out the form below or contact us via Email or by phone to the customer service numbers indicated. We will be happy to assist you.


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